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Smorg: Start Menu Organizer

Smorg helps you quickly organize your Start Menu using drag & drop, with full undo support
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7 March 2012

Editor's review

If you are very particular about the keeping a clean and organized Start Menu and looking for an application that help you to do them same then you are in a right place as we bring to you Smorg: Start Menu Organizer 1.0.0 which is a perfect solution that will help you to meet your requirements. Smog’s Start Menu Organizer enables in efficiently organizing the entire Windows Start Menu of your PC that will aid you to find any program with least amount of trouble. So even if you install more and more applications in your system and still have a light head as the entire program will be properly aligned making it very easy for you to access them. As per your choice of categories, Smorg will enable you to create folders and name them. The moment you mark the folders as favorite this application will list all of them in a completely different tree that will become very easy to see the structure which you have chosen out of the vastly populated Start Menu. There after you can easily drag and drop all relevant icons into the structure and remove the unnecessary folders that is occupying space.

Smorg operates separating itself from the OS that makes it consume low system resources and does not interfere with the normal working of your system. It does not keep running the entire time as you work on your system and start only when you chose to organize your Start Menu. The interface of this application is highly intuitive and very simple to understand and use. Dual folder view that you will be able to visualize will enable you to quickly identify the favorite folders and those that requires attention. The menu detective function that this program has will help you find all broken and duplicate items and fix them instantaneously.

Smorg easily gets installed in your system with out any hassle. With all the great features that this application comes with, further the benefit this utility will offer in keeping your system clean force us to rate it with 4 on a scale of 5.

Publisher's description

Smorg helps you quickly organize folders and items in your Start Menu using drag & drop, with full undo support. Smorg is separate from the Operating System, so it does not run all the time and consume valuable system resources nor interfere with the standard behavior of your system. Instead, start Smorg only when you want to organize the Start Menu.
- A dual folder view shows all and favorite folders so you can quickly identify additions that need attention. While shortcuts in the menu are shown with their standard icon in a separate view.
- The built-in menu detective finds duplicate, new and broken items---offering fixes where possible---making easier to move shortcuts for updated programs into the right place.
- You can launch programs directly from Smorg to see if they are still useful and then, in many cases, launch the applications uninstall program from Smorg too if you decide the application is no longer needed.
- Smorg merges shortcuts from the shared and user folders providing the same integrated view that you find on the Start Menu itself. And you can easily move items or folders into a specific branch to make them available to all users of the machine or only the current user.
Smorg: Start Menu Organizer
Smorg: Start Menu Organizer
Version 1.0
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